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REAL ESTATE I: First Year Sales (Pre-License)

This 60 hour course is the first step for those who want to list, sell, purchase, exchange, lease, or dispose of real estate for others in the state of South Carolina. Topics to be discussed are real estate sales, real property law, agency, federal/state laws and regulations, pricing of real property, contracts, finance and mathematics. In order to take this course and to qualify for licensure the South Carolina Real Estate Commission (SCREC) requires you to be at least 18 years of age, have a criminal background check, be a high school graduate or a recipient of a certificate of equivalency (GED), have proof of completion of the 60 hour pre-licensing class and receive a passing score on the state exam.

Upon passing the class you will receive a certificate of completion and will be ready to apply to take the state exam with the SCREC. Within 2 weeks you will receive a packet from the SCREC containing the information to contact the company that administers the state exam.

Before you apply for a salesperson’s license you will also need to complete an additional Unit II: Advanced Principles in Real Estate course (30-hours). Upon passing the state exam you will have 1 year to find a real estate broker to supervise you (you’ll be affiliated with their company). Once you find a brokerage to sponsor you, send in your application and when your broker receives your license, you are ready to start selling real estate in SC.

Book(s) are included with course registration fee. NOTE: Calculator will be needed and should be available for use.

NOTE:  Once you pass the course and receive your certificate, the certificate is good for 5 years.  Once you apply to take the state exam you have one year.  If the year has gone by and the certificate is still good you just need to reapply to take the state exam.

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Advanced Principles in Real Estate: Post-Licensing

This 30 hour Post Licensing course consists of five-six hour courses that are designed to be interactive and presented via multi-media. Successful completion of this class meets the requirements developed by the South Carolina LLR Real Estate Commission and will get you on your way to success in your chosen professional of real estate. This course consists of:

  • Real Estate: PL1, Agency and Property Disclosure
  • Real Estate: PL2, Real Estate Contracts
  • Real Estate: PL3, Ethics and Real Estate
  • Real Estate: PL4, Measurements and Valuation
  • Real Estate: PL5, Fair Housing

Book(s) are included with course registration fee. NOTE: Calculator will be needed and should be available for use.

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